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New Life Temple of Holiness Church Inc.

New Life Temple of Holiness Church


South Brockton Youth Activity

15 Nilsson Street

Brockton, Massachusetts 02301

church phone: 508-587-7277


      Thank you for visiting the home page of New Life Temple of Holiness located on 15 Nilsson Street in Brockton Massachusetts where the pastor and founder is Reverend Michael A. Gilbert and Minister Eva M. Gilbert.

     Our weekly service times are listed below so please feel free to stop by and visit one of our services or e-mail us at nlt@zoomshare.com and we will write you back as soon as possible.  Thank you and may God bless you.



 Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! - New Life Temple of Holiness

     Greetings from Pastor Michael A. and Eva Gilbert "The church that cares for the total you."  We personally welcome you to our church and now your church home.  I hope this letter gives you a quick insight on our church.

       You are now part of a holiness church that believes in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. All of our activities are built on nothing less than to inspire, strengthen, and educate you both in the church and in your natural life. We believe in Christianity as Jesus Christ did, and this is a benefit now and a way of good life for all.  We strive to work together as we are all marching arm and arm in this great ministry becoming closer as a Christian family of God impacting those around us.    

       To know more of the designated tasks and duties of the church officers, I urge you to attend any of our Bible Studies on Tuesday and Friday at 7:30 pm and/or Sunday Morning School at 10:30 am - 11:20 am.  This is the best agenda to hear or ask anything concerning church or the ministry.  There are contacts for your convenience upon request. We have many programs throughout the year for your participation: 

v February (Winter) - Women's Conferance Revival, Church Revival in Jacksonville Florida, and Black History Program

v April - Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, School sping vacation week, Youth feild trips, Spring revival Pastor Alonzo McDaniels of Jacksonville Florida

v   May - Mother's Day Service and Dinner by the Mens department, Annual Banquet and Family & Friends Day Dinner. Annual Walk-A-thon Stop the violence march and Community cookout.

v  June - Pastoral Anniversary, Cook-out for graduating students of the neighborhood and the SBYA (South Brockton Youth Activities) Summer Program. 

v  July - Church and Community Church Outing & Picnic, Summer Camp

v August - Church Anniversary, Community picnic in Plymouth Mass and Annual Outdoor Baptism

v  September - Youth Conference, Annual Community Day and Cookout

October - Harvest Festival, Church Outing/Field trip

November - Men's Day Service, Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets and Youth Sleepover

v December - Fellowship Network of New England Crusade Week, Church Dinner, Annual Christmas Program and Watch Night Service/Pre-musical 



Our Weekly Services Are As Follows:

v    Sunday School.........................................................10:30am - 11:30 am

v    Sunday Service ........................................................11:45 am

Tuesday Night Bible Study....................................... 7:30 pm

v Friday Night Prayer Services..................................... 7:30 pm

  • Wednesday Night Youth Chior Rehersal 6:30pm
  • Monday Night Adult Chior Rehersal 6:30pm
  •  Trinity Tabernacle Tri-Christ Ministries-East Providence, RI.

For more information call: 508-583-7277

        (7:30 pm services are subject to change depending on other engagements and or special events)

Again, We thank you and for  visiting our page, and we hope that you will visit our church home. You won't regret it! 

Pastor Michael A. Gilbert and Eva M. Gilbert

Church Phone and Voicemails:  (508) 583-7277

"A Little About Us To You"


Reverend Michael A. Gilbert & Minister Eva M. Gilbert



"Make this your daily faith pledge and watch the results, your faith works on command, so command those things as though they were" Remember this:

My Pledge

Today, is about to be my DAY

Because the words, I will hear

Jesus said, "That they are Spirit and they are life"

Holy Ghost, Come into my heart

Holy Ghost, Come into my mind

Holy Ghost, move in my Spirit

From this time, and date forward

My life, my walk, will be greater than ever before

"Amen! Amen! Amen!"

"All New To Brockton, Mass."

South Brockton Youth Activities  

 Summer Program

Contact the church for futher information and hear about this effective Ministry to bring life and support to our community.


Thank you for visiting this page, look forward to seeing you!









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